Call for Papers

November 15 - 16 2004  Stuttgart / Germany

Intention of the workshop The aim of the workshop is to intensify the communication between research
and industrial groups active in the field of alkaline fuel cells. After research activities on alkaline fuel cells have been reduced or stopped at the beginning of the 90s, a renewed worldwide interest has evolved during the last years.

It is obvious that alkaline fuel cells have a high potential for many fuel cell applications. Especially for some applications, such as residential and stationary power supply, alkaline fuel cells have significant advantages in comparison to the commonly favored polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEFC).

The alkaline fuel cell is technologically very advanced and, in addition, the required materials are inexpensive. As a consequence, the AFC appears very promising to achieve the stringent cost
requirements for mass markets.

In order to support research, development and commercialization of alkaline fuel cells, communication and scientific exchange on this topic must be improved. The intention of this workshop is to speed up the development of AFC and to establish this technology as an alternative to PEFC.


Electrolyte membranes for alkaline fuel cells

Electrolyte management

Catalysts for alkaline fuel cells

Electrode development and manufacturing

Analytical methods

Stack development

System concepts


Erich Gülzow